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“The heartbeat of this production stems from the lovely and charming performance of Mindy Shaw (Ima Perry.) Shaw vanishes into Ima with a honey-dripped southern accent wrapped in kindness and a sweet naivete. She convinces her suspicious and stern husband to offer a room to the young immigrant she befriends and eventually develops a deep love for him and his family. Shaw’s performance is a wonderful characterization of a woman who is a humanitarian and sees beyond the differences in another person. While all four actors deliver remarkable performances, Shaw’s is beyond wonderful. She captures the audience’s affection in her first scene, and she holds them close throughout."  

James Lindhorst,

“Mindy Shaw is breathtakingly good as the modest outsider, Sheila, who develops an astringent sort of panic just as Jake is really losing his mind."

Richard T. Green,

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“From top to bottom, the cast was brilliant…

Guardian Angel, Clara, played by versatile-voiced Mindy Shaw…”

Jeff Ritter,


“Mindy Shaw does well as common-sense Vera, who instills a sense of order and composure to the station’s unexpected 'surprises' for its annual broadcast.” 

Mark Bretz, Ladue News

"Mindy Shaw brings gusto to the role of Grace’s know-it-all mother.”

Celia Wren, The Washington Post


“Shaw, who did excellent work in "Oblivion" and does even better work here, makes Joyce a very human character, who will have her delusions

if she cannot have her dreams.”

Tim Treanor,


“What Shaw can do with a well placed look is noteworthy.”  

Debbie Minter Jackson,


“Mindy Shaw's Helen Dukas makes the background character rightfully shine.”

Rachael Goldberg,

“Shaw’s Pam is a fascinating creation… (she) gives Pam so much care and compassion… Shaw is so watchable because of the deep understanding she brings to this character.”

Mike Bevel,


“As the matriarch Pam, Mindy Shaw is a fierce, dynamic presence, tough but unexpectedly vulnerable.”

Andrew White, 


“Mindy Shaw played the role of Julie’s mom, Pam, with fiery conviction and hellfire… Shaw could be frightening

in her need to dominate the worldview of her family and in her relentless excavation of the truth.”

Liz Ruth-Brinegar,

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